Episode Five On Hold

Hey there everyone!

I have some great interview material, and I hope to get to editing that into a show for you sometime toward the end of the week, or over the weekend of 3/11 - 3/12. I undertook my big move (two whole blocks down Van Nes Ave.), but the short distance did nothing to less the burden of packing up all my crap, and schleping over to the new place. On top of that, it was raining all weekend, and with that and the stress and the lack o eating and sleeping, I have come down with a terrible cold.

For the full whine, checkout the posts to my regular blog [twentyfive].

Thanks for your patience. I'll have a new show for you as soon as I can. Believe me, I'd much, much, much rather be podcasting!

peace & love,

Queer Sex Weekly: Episode Four is posted!

QSW: Episode Four, Available now at http://qsw.libsyn.com/rss.

Queer Sex Weekly is a podcast that explores the diversity of queer sexuality from sex-positive and kink-affirming perspective. From straight-laced homos to radical queers. From vanilla folk to serioius kinksters. It's all good at Queer Sex Weekly.

Episode Four features an interview with marriage equality activist, Stuart Gaffney of Equality California. Other highilghts include a comments on a documentary looking at stigma and stereotypes related to BDSM play, and UCSF study that looks at relationship dynamics between gay men in relationship, called The Gay Couple Study. More details in the show notes below.

Please go check out the show, and be sure to let me know what you think. You can either leave a comment here on the show blog, or you can email comments at:


Show Notes QSW 1.4:

Episode Four finally brings you that interview with Stuart Gaffney of Equality California following my technological disasters of last week, and despite the insanity of grad school, my paycheck job and being the middle of a pain-in-the-ass move. Having now listened to that interview several times, I'm really impressed at how skilled Stuart is in speaking forcefully as an advocate for queer concerns.

Other notes from this week's show, some great listener mail from the "Hi Five" file. Lots of great Hi Fives, including a long list of suggestions for future shows from SF listener, Zak. And an awesome comment from 19yo in a small college town who has just recently come out. You go, boy! Write again soon, and tell us more about what's its like out there in Small Town America!

Also, 5x5 is looking for a few good kinksters to take part in his documentary short examining stigma and stereotype related to BDSM play. If you live in the SF Bay Area and would like to know more about how you could be involved drop me a line at QSweekly@gmail.com. Please put "BDSM documentary" in the subject line so it jumps out at me!

And another item for queers in the Bay Area, particularly queer men in relationships. If you are a gay man in a relationship, you might be interested in checking out the UCSF Gay Couples Study. It's a survey looking at Gay Male Couples and various issues that impact the relationship dyamics of gay male couple. Both partners must participate, and the taking part involves going to the study's office in San Francisco's finanical district to answer about an hours worth of questions in a computer. Each partner completes the survey in his own private room, and each partner gets $40 for participating. Best of all, it will help activists and advocates help direct more attention, awareness and hopefully funds at support to keep men in relationships healthy. There has not been much research that actually acknowleges that gay men spend a lot of time in relationships, so I think this is something worth checking out, if you're here in San Fran. If interested you can call the study at 1-888-688-1777. Tell them you heard about it at Queer Sex Weekly!

Also, don't forget to check out the new yahoo group, and when you subscribe to it, be sure to send me a shout out, telling me a little about yourself, such as what city your in, how you heard about QSW and maybe a topic you'd like to hear addressed on the show. Just click this link to visit the QSWeekly YahooGroup.

This week's closing music is song called "Lend My Your Love," performed by Slackstring . It's available at Podsafe Audio.

Ahead next week, look out for our new recurring segment called, "The Flesh and The Spirit," in which queer people talk about the connections between their spirituality and their sexuality. In the first installment, lesbian activist and Buddhist lay leader Diana Elrod discusses her spirtual journey.

Thanks again, for checking our QSW: Episode Four!

Remember, whatever your flavor of crazy maybe, it's all good here at Queer Sex Weekly!!

peace & love,

Episode Three Posted!

QSW: Episode Three, Available now at http://qsw.libsyn.com/rss.

Yes, fianlly, Episode Three is up! Please go check it out, and be sure to let me know what you think. You can either leave a comment here on the show blog, or you can email comments at:


In this week's show:

Episode Three is posted, after much delay, and then a last minute disaster. After laboriously editing my interview with the Marriage Equality activist Equality California, Stuart Gaffney earlier this week, I found when I came back to the file later that somehow when i saved it, along with other elements of the show (the intro, the music, etc), the actual interview played really fast, as in "chipmunk voice." Try as I might, I could un-Chipmunk the interview, so then I went back to re-ediit the interview, which consumed about two hours of my saturday nite, only to have Audacity (the sound editing software) totally crash before I'd saved the interview. I thought I was going to have a freaking stroke right then and there, I was so enraged. Instead, I just through together what I did have, which was a couple of great letters from listeners, and some of my own comments related to those letters, and some fun music.

So, it's not exactly what I'd hoped it would be, but it's better than nothing, and it does serve to demostrate that there is definitely a learning curve to this podcasting thing.

One important innovation I brought to the show this week, I've started a yahoo group, as another way that we can start get some discussion started among this community of sexy queers that we are forming together. So, please go check out the yahoo group, and when you subscribe to it, be sure to send me a shout out, telling me a little about yourself, such as what city your in, how you heard about QSW and maybe a topic you'd like to hear addressed on the show. Just click this link to visit the QSWeekly YahooGroup.

This week's closing music is performed by Casey Abrams . It's a catchy little tune called "Nobody's Song." Available at Podsafe Audio.

In upcoming episodes, you can keep your eyes peeled for the freshly re-edited Stuart Gaffney intervieW. Keep your fingers crossed my software will cooperate this time!!

Other topics I'm working on for you... ever look at those ads in the back of the gay rags for studly "full body" massage, with release, or straight-up hustler guys, rent-boys and escorts. I'll be interviewing some local queer sex workers for an insiders look at queer people involved in the world's oldeset profession, Inside the Queer Sex Trade, coming to the QSW in the coming weeks.

Also in the works, an interview with a lesbian Buddhist lay leader who will kick off new recurring segment called, "The Flesh and The Spirit," in which queer people talk about the connections between their spirituality and their sexual selves. Interseting stuff!! So keep coming back... And don't forget to drop me a line and say hello!

Thanks again, for checking our QSW: Episode Three!

Remember, whatever your flavor of crazy maybe, it's all good here at Queer Sex Weekly!!

peace & love,
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QSW: Episode Two.

Queer Sex Weekly: Episode Two. Now Uploaded and Available at iTunes. Enjoy!

In this week's show:

"Hi, Five" Mailbag with comments on conventional queers and alternative homo relationships by Cunning Minx, host of Polyamory Weekly.

A conversation with Derrick Hanson, star of the hot, hot, hot Raging Stallion Studios film Team Players. Some of Derrick's other films include Manplay 22, Manplay 23 and Night Callers.

Insightful queer health commentary by San Francisco HIV care physician, Todd Pope, MD., in the inaugural episode of "Paging Dr. Todd."

Closing music by Lie of a Pipe Dream, with the funny little song, "Maybe." Available at Podsafe Audio.

Check back soon for more show notes...

Inaugural Episode Now Available

QSW: Episode One, Available now at http://qsw.libsyn.com/rss.

Yes, at long last, the show is up! Please run out and tell all your friends. Annoy them with unsolicited spam to sing the show's praises. Review it on your blogs. Or on your own podcasts. I am now in the publicity-whore phase of my podcasting endeavor! You know the old queer adage, "not talked about, not thought about." ;-) Oh, and most importantly, please, please, please drop me a line, and let me know what you think of the show!!! You can either leave a comment here on the show blog, or you can email comments at QSweekly@gmail.com.

Hope you enjoy the show. And I look forward to comments, suggestions and feedback.

Now, with out further a-do, here's this weeks Show Notes:

The main content of this first episode focuses on the core beliefs that shape my vision of sexual health, and what I hope QSW will be about. Some of these core beliefs include:

QSW’s Core Beliefs on Sexual Health
Healthy sex requires honest communication, consensual involvement and a sincere concern for the well being of all participants.

Sex health education should be rooted in Harm Reduction philosophy, that rejects moralizing and judgmental attitudes, and accepts each person where they are in their understanding of sexuality and their sexual needs.

Sexuality is a fluid, ever-evolving aspect of human experience, and consequently each of us is on a path of discovery about who we are and what we want and need as sexual beings and simply as human beings.

Our sexuality suffuses and informs every part of our lives, not just moments of specific erotic intent.

Sex is Nice! Pleasure is Good for You!
Check out the great books by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy at their publishing house The Greenery Press. Among the works that I've read and enjoyed are The Ethical Slut and Radical Ecstasy.

Thanks and Praise
I have to send out a HUGE thank you to my old and dear friend, Cunning Minx, who hosts an amazing podcast to which I'm hopelessly addicted, Polyamory Weekly. Minx and I go way, way, way back to our pure & innocent days when we even went to Bible study together once back in Redneckville, Texas. Needless to say, we've changed quite a bit! Minx has been so supportive and encouraging, serving frequently as my primary podcasting tech support. And as I said in my acknowledgments in the show, she is my biggest role model in the podcasting thing, because I really admire the tone she achieve in her show. No moralizing. Sex-positive content and commentary. Listener-focused, listener-driven. And FUNNY! You go, Minx!

I also want to thank Minx's tremendously cool partner Graydancer, who helped me early on, when he was visiting out here in SF for a conference. Graydancer bought my first mic, and helped me download all the software I needed to get started. Plus, between his show, Rope Weekly, and Minx's, I can kinda stay up to date on their lives, even when our actual phone conversations are few and far between!

Finally, thanks to Lana Anderson and Rob Bentley, known collectively as Circle in a Square, for their wonderful track that I played at the close of the show, "I Ain't Sorry." You can fine their work, and other podsafe music at Pod Safe Audio.

Looking ahead...
Coming up in next week's show, I'll introduce our recurring health segment, "Paging Dr. Todd," with San Francisco HIV care physician, Todd Pope, MD. In this interview, we will discuss the controversy around Viagra use among queer men.

I think I'll also have an interview for you with a buddy of mine here in SF, Derrick Hanson, who is an up-and-cumming porn star with Raging Stallion Studios. I'm also still working on an interview with Raging Stallion director, Chris Ward. And other possible interviews related to the hot, hot, hot new RS film, Arabesque. You can catch sexy Derrick in the RS release, Team Players.

Show Notes for Episode One Coming Soon!

Hey there,

I finally have the show uploaded and accessible via libsyn. However, I only submitted it to iTunes yesterday, and friends with a lot more experience than me in the wonderful world of podcasting have told me it takes Apple a few weeks to get submissions up and posted to the iTunes directory.

In the meantime, I will focus on getting some notes on this weeks "welcome to QSW" show.

Mainly, I'll be providing you some links to people, shows, resources and music that referenced in Episode One. I'll also provide some teaser links to up-coming items that I'm working on for future shows.

Most importantly, if you did somehow find my podcast and listen to it, please drop me a line. I'd love to hear what you thought of it, and get feedback for future episodes.


San Francisco

Welcome to Queer Sex Weekly

Queer Sex Weekly

a sex-positive, kink-affirming radio program
exploring the diversity of queer sexuality

Queer Sex Weekly is a sexually-oriented podcast produced and hosted in San Francisco, California by Livejournal blogger, 5x5guy. This Podcast is currently in development, and will soon be available via iTunes and other RSS subscription sites. Keep an eye on this blog journal for news and developments related to the show, and eventually for show notes and news of upcoming interviews and discussions.

Comments can be sent to QSweekly@gmail.com

Peace. Salam. Namaste.
in San Francisco

QSW Mission:
QSW seeks to create a space in the media landscape where those whose gender identity, erotic interests and sexual expression have been marginalized, pathologized and demonized can find their voice, and talk about issues relevant to the feelings and experience of their community, which we call here The Queer Community (QC).

To promote sexual health in mind, body and spirit in the QC.

To advance the radical notion that sex is nice, and pleasure is good for you.

To validate the full continuum of gender and erotic orientations that defy society’s rigid dichotomy of labels.

To advocate not just the tolerance of, but the celebration of diversity in the QC.

To articulate a vision of healing through self-acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love.